Friday, January 27, 2012

Money is about solving problems for others!

This is a new book by Jonah Nyoni

We are having problems almost everywhere! Some we have created some have been created for us! In my reading, I have discovered that we cannot solve problems using the same level of thinking we used when we created them. Secondly, the problems you decide to solve decide your income!
  • For example, Strive Masiwa saw a problem in communication he created ECONET, he is now a multi-millionaire.
  • Thomas Edison saw darkness as a problem he invented a bulb.
  • Myles Monroe saw a crisis in leadership, he decided to solve it and he confesses that he even makes money whilst asleep!
  • Jesus Christ saw sin as a problem and he brought redemption.
  • Who could be the next millionaire in Zim? Someone who will break the monopoly of ZESA and give us another alternative for power! Check my words!
What problem are you seeing? That’s where your money is! Looking for money? Find a problem to solve!

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  1. Great Mr Nyoni. Indeed, where there is a problem lies a solution. The bigger the problem the greater the value can be generated. Keep up with such posts. I am motivated with achievers such as Donald Trump, Bill Gates,Patrice Motsepe, Richard Brandson and the two in your post.Em actually compiling problems of which i will eventually go for the biggest one.