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Success Motivation!!

Just To keep "THE BIG YOU" upbeat!

Mind Power!!

The way you view life determines your success. The image you have about yourself is reflected back to you. What picture do you have about yourself? Some philosophers have said; we are but a product of our minds. Some people have quoted me wrongly by saying that I love bragging when I say: I’m RICH! I’m GREAT! I’m a GURU! I’m the BEST I’m STRONG! I’m HEALTHY! I’m WEALTHY! I’m SMART! I’m a GIANT! I’m an EXPERT! I’m on the CREST! etc. NO! I would not be bragging, I am trying to build images of greatness inside myself then can I attain it in reality. One of my heroes once said, as a man thinks in his heart so is he. (Proverbs 23vs. 7). What are you thinking about yourself? That could be the real you. To change your life, it does not take your surroundings, not your friends; neither could it be your foes, but YOU! Change your mindset!

Think the kind of your real self that you will want to live the rest of your life with real fulfillment and happiness. Picture yourself as the world’s greatest. Dream yourself receiving the best accolades and the world glued to its TV screen to celebrate your achievements. Inside of every individual, in the manner God created us, there is a fire of greatness that only needs to be fanned up. Negative thoughts of one self’s are what can douse that fire. Believe in yourself! Believe you are capable! Secondly, all the people that talk negatively about you can be equated to an opposing force, that in a real sense help you to fight harder in order to achieve your self-actualization. Do not be downtrodden by negative thoughts, think the positive.

Some people have big, but wrong dreams because they have lowly dreamt to be someone else, instead of being their real self. Others have wasted their lifetime thinking what other people think about them, for example, their weaknesses, looks and past mistakes, rather than thinking their way forward to their destiny. We cannot alter our past, but we can alter our future by changing our actions today! There are others who have majored in negative thinking about who they real are. Others have spent their lifetime trying to please other people at the expense of fulfilling their goals that they were originally created for. As has been in the fibre of humankind, most people have tried to alter things in them that are at times impossible to change so as to fit in the world forgetting that they should be the world that they were originally created for and that they should create the environment that they want to live in, other than to be created by it. These thought provoking statements lead us to think about our real self or self image.

What is REAL SELF IMAGE? How are we identified as? Where do we find identity? We need to be our real self other than trying to be other people. In trying to be like other people we are simply pursuing other people’s world at the expense of ours. Judy Garland quoted on says, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” In the article, Youths should invest in their potential on Youth Chat in the Chronicle newspaper I once said “When you imitate somebody you can only be the second best. This world does not need people who are a cut above the rest, but a cut above the best.” (Chronicle: Saturday, 12 July 2008 pg 6). You can only be a cut above the best by living your real best you.

There is nothing so much demoralizing than looking at yourself in the mirror and never see a person you really want to be. If you cannot be self confident in who you are, you cannot expect other people to think better than you do about yourself. Most great achievers of all time have always been people who knew what it meant to think positively and big about who they really were. They believed in the potential that was in them and not outside them. In copying other people you are simply saying, I can only be best only if I had the potential outside me which is what I have seen in other people. Simply, you are saying, what I am seeing about myself in the mirror is so ugly that I wish I found a facelift to make me look like someone else.

The big question is: Why do people love to put on masks? Or live a lie? Why do other people hide their identity? Some people just want to blend in so as to look alike and be part of the crowd or they are simply pressured by peers and an inferiority complex. The other reason is to gain the popularity that other people have already created for themselves. For instance, some people want to be like Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey. This kills originality and creativity. It is time to invent your REAL YOU so that other low thinkers would love to emulate. Naturally, people who love copying others are those that have poor thinking capability. So, do not be caught on the wrong side, think big. This world is so vast and is endowed with gold mines that are in each and every one of us that have not yet been explored. Begin to explore yourself through self discovery.

This first input is thought provoking and probing so as to evoke and awaken that spirit of greatness in you. You are the world’ greatest! Remember: You are precious, there is potential in you to be the real change that the world has ever needed. See you on my round table; the table of GURUS, GREATS AND GIANTS!

Jonah Nyoni is a motivational speaker. He has a forth coming inspirational book; THE BIG YOU.

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