Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Heart for Haiti

My Heart for Haiti

Haiti has been hurt
And I see the cry of the heart
As some survivors like a hart,
Run down the streets
With blood streaks
The mothers wailing, and waiting
For the child to be found under rubble
Who knew about this quake tragedy?
Who knew everything will crumble?
It’s not a sweet scent that I smell
But it is the sanctity of a human life that has departed
The baby cries, her face is just pale
Gradually, she can’t cry any more
The energy to do that is gone
The other child cries, her mother is in blood.
The mother is dead but still the child sucks
From that dead breast
It’s a cry from the Haiti child
And there hasn’t been rest
Tears tearing down her innocent cheeks
As hunger tear her empty bowels
She urinates and turns back to gulp that urine.
Where is the water?
The water to water seeds for the next generation?
The water is LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!
As I see the sweet nurture of that nurse
The pharmacist fumbling for the drug
In a bid to save that body gulping for breath
The Doctor giving nothing but health
I see and say in my somber song,
Our health is our wealth.
Our mouths cannot expressively vocalize our gratitude
Neither can our feelings measure the altitude
Of our attitude toward YOU;
YOU who gives LOVE
For the work done
Not only done, but well done
Today we say THANKS,
And THANKS a million times
For helping that life,
Even if pain, pangs and prickles pierce her body
LOVE is the pulse of a nation.
LOVE is the life blood of the society.
LOVE is the heart beat of the next generation.
LOVE is the axes where we anchor our hope.
LOVE is the lullaby to pacify the troubled mind.
LOVE is emollient oil on those pain ricking wounds.
LOVE is the health that Haiti needs
LOVE is the fulfillment of the UN Millennium goals

By Jonah Nyoni
111 Gladstone Road
Tel: +263 912 581 918

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