Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Picture yourself rightly!

Your destiny could be created or crushed in your mind sphere. Some people have big, but wrong dreams because they have lowly dreamt to be someone else instead of being themselves. Others have wasted their lifetime thinking what other people think about them, for example, their weaknesses, looks and past mistakes, rather than thinking their way forward to their destiny.

There are others who have majored in negative thinking about who they really are. Others have spent their lifetime trying to please other people at the expense of fulfilling their goals that they were originally created for. As has been in the fibre of humankind, most people have tried to alter things in them that are at times impossible to change so as to fit in the world forgetting that they should be the best that they were originally created for and that they should create the environment that they want to live in, other than to be created by it.

Points to carry home

  •   Your mind is like a muscle, its becomes better and bigger with more work.
  • Champions are not made in the ring but in the routine
  •   Successful people do daily what the ordinary person will do occasionally
  •   Everything is coined, crafted and concocted in the cognitive sphere.
  •   You become what you think about most of the time 
  •  Your outer world corresponds to your inner world

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